May 09, 2004

Kerry's Class Warfare: "Working Families" vs. "The Privileged"

Joseph Kellard comments John Kerry's class warfare strategies:

In his victory speech at the Iowa caucus, John Kerry uttered a line that exquisitely captured a staple of his Leftist politics -- class warfare. "Count the cost that working families are paying while the privileged ride high and reap the rewards," he said. Yet Kerry's policies actually harm productive individuals and engender the worst form of privileged Americans.


Meanwhile, as Kerry paints America's most productive individuals as privileged, his policies actually punish all hard-working producers and create entitlements for lesser- or non-productive Americans. In his Iowa speech, Kerry raised one such policy: "I'm running for president so that for...every other family in America, health care will be a fundamental right and not a privilege..."

But in reality, like any commodity produced in a free nation, health care is neither a right nor a government-provided privilege. Health care is a commodity produced by individuals such as doctors, prescription drug developers and nurses. Other individuals must work to make the money to receive their services and products. Both providers and recipients have the right only to work and voluntarily trade the values they have produced.


In short, Kerry is actually for what he claims he's against: punishing America's most productive workers to provide for a class of privileged welfare recipients.

Americans must reject Kerry's socialist policies that destroy everyone's individual rights and instigate warfare between the producers and the lesser- or non-productive of all economic classes. Instead, we must champion each individual's fundamental right to pursue his own happiness -- that is, to employ his abilities to produce what is life requires and to voluntarily trade his values with others.