April 25, 2004

D-Day in Pa.

William F. Buckley Jr., in support of Pat Toomey:

Pat Toomey is a vigorous figure who battled for the House seat in a heavily Democratic district in Pennsylvania and won. He did his three terms and then quit-as he had promised to do, believing in term limits. Toomey is a resolute conservative whose votes, on economic and social issues, have earned him high regard as a brainy and honest legislator. His champions in Pennsylvania are confident that he would do well in November. His backers nationwide, in a primary contest that has been singled out as the most important of the season, are saying that support for Toomey would be a hygienic transfusion for a Republican Party that seems adrift in profligate spending and the search for new social programs.

Arlen Specter is the man who voted in favor of Bill Clinton during impeachment, voted against Robert Bork for the Supreme Court, voted against school choice for the District of Columbia, endorses an absolutist interpretation of abortion rights. He is bright and he is tough and he belongs elsewhere. If reelected, his term would end when he is 80 years old and, some voters might hope, senescent, permitting him to vote accidentally every now and then for Republican principles.

You can't get mad at George Bush for going to Pittsburgh and doing his duty. That would be wrong, like getting mad at Barry Goldwater, which was unconstitutional. But GOP voters in Pennsylvania have the opportunity to forgive Bush, and vote for Toomey.