February 04, 2004

'Special interests'

Thomas Sowell writes about how every candidate is opposed to 'special interests':

This election year we are sure to hear a lot about "special interests." Candidates of both major parties, as well as candidates of third or fourth parties, are sure to denounce special interests both hotly and repeatedly.

The secret of these verbal fireworks from all parts of the political spectrum is that only the groups supporting one's opponents are called special interests. Politicians do not call their own supporters special interests.

Therefore every candidate can be against special interests, and they differ only in how often and how loudly they say it -- and in the particular groups to whom they apply that label.

When Senator John Kerry proclaimed stridently that no special interests will be allowed in the White House when he becomes president, he was saying something absolutely meaningless. No one welcomes special interests into the White House because those groups that presidents welcome are their own supporters, who are never called special interests.