February 25, 2004

Old-fashioned views

Taki on John Kerry:

Did he or didn’t he? Get Kerry-ed away and have it off with an intern. It’s either one or the other, and I guess we have to take Alexandra Polier at her word and believe he didn’t. Kerry is one bad dude, and I don’t mean just because he didn’t do it. I mean his lifelong habit of getting a rich woman to pick up the tab. I know I’m being old-fashioned and all that, but I was taught that one marries for love, not money.


Kerry’s first wife was responsible for his political career. To say there was a lot of tension over money at the end would be an understatement. Heinz is reputedly careful not to spoil him too much, but if he wins the top prize the purse strings will loosen for good. After all, she, too, got it the old-fashioned way. She married into it. Does marrying two very rich women disqualify a man from the White House? Of course not, but then marrying for money is not illegal, just not very manly. Is a very rich woman someone not to pursue because of what it implies? Again, not in the least, but one has to be in love with the person, not the moolah. Am I being unfair to Kerry? Of course I am, but I don’t think my opinions matter very much. I’m just being old-fashioned and suspicious, and I have a hell of a lot to be suspicious about.