January 02, 2004

Libertarian Heroes of 2003

Radley Balko names a few politicians who, to a greater or lesser degree, stood up for the principles of limited government in 2003. Inevitably, the most consistent in the list is Texas Rep. Ron Paul:

Rep. Paul not only makes this list, he is this list. He’s the most consistent defender of freedom elected to federal office in about 200 years. For Rep. Paul, such devotion to principle is easy. When a bill comes up for a vote, he merely asks himself whether or not the U.S. Constitution authorizes Congress to do what the bill asks. If the answer is "no" -- and it almost always is -- he votes no. He is reliably the "1" when the House passes a bill 434-1. The Washington Post once dubbed him "Congressman ‘No.’"

Sad -- isn’t it? -- that the simple act of upholding the Constitution occurs so rarely in Washington that when it does, it merits a nickname for the politician who does it?