August 13, 2003

Top Danish Social Democrat goes against EU constitution

Torben Lund, the leader of the Danish Social Democrats in the European Parliament, came out against the proposed EU constitution:

"I think it goes too far in giving away influence from the national parliaments to Brussels", Mr Lund said, according to Politiken.

Mr Lund's crusade against the European Union Constitution started already on Tuesday, 12 August, when parts of an article, to be published on the European Parliament website, were leaked to Politiken.

"We are 5 per cent from a real European federal state and claims about the independence of countries will have a more and more hollow ring", Mr Lund wrote in the article.

"I am not sure the citizens are in any way aware of what is going on. All the changes are duly labelled in calming phrases", Mr Lund wrote.

Torben Lund is not known to be eurocritical and his article has caused some raised eyebrows. He now faces a tough battle within his party for going against the party line and not backing the Constitution.

It's good to know that at least some European social-democrats have enough common sense to oppose the EU constitution...