July 22, 2003

Ron Paul - The Modern Cincinnatus
(via Lew Rockwell Blog)

Good article by Nelson Hultberg on the best (by a large margin) U.S. Congressman:

If such a force is at work in history, I pray that it is exerting some heady pressure upon the one politician in Washington who has never been a politician. That man is Congressman Ron Paul from the 14th District in Texas who has always been a throwback to the original "citizen statesman" that the Founders promoted as the ideal type of leader for the Republic they had formed.

It is said that the Founders modeled their "citizen statesman" after the example of Cincinnatus of Rome. In the early days of the Roman Republic around 450 BC, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a private farmer who left his plough to lead his countrymen in battle against enemy invaders, then returned to his pastoral life, only to be called again later to lead the Republic as Consul in a time of political crisis. Cincinnatus has, thus, been handed down over the centuries as a prime example of the citizen statesman who does not seek office and political power as a lifetime career, but gives service to his country by his leadership when called.

Well, we have a modern day Cincinnatus right now among us. Off and on over the past three decades, he has been serving the Republic that the Founding Fathers gave us, rather than the unlimited Democracy into which the socialists have transformed us. He bills himself as the "Taxpayers Best Friend," and he backs it up with a myriad of brave cost cutting measures. This Texan has the cattle to go with his hat: He is a physician, a scholar, a statesman, a leader of impeccable integrity and right reason. In a world that no longer values the guiding benevolence of the Constitution, Ron Paul makes it his revered compass as he was commissioned by the Founders to do. In a Washington dominated by unctuous Machiavellians who build their lives upon Faustian bargains and ruthless careerism, Ron Paul stands like a majestic oak of clarity and sanity in defense of the American ideal. His watchword is "steadfast adherence to principle." Compromise if need be on the means of implementation. But never on the principle itself. Never on the Constitution. Never on the rights of man.