July 07, 2003

Hong Kong Postpones Controversial Subversion Bill

Anti-subversion bill in Hong-Kong postponed in order to give government more time to "explain the legislation to the public":

The Hong Kong government, reeling after a massive show of people power last week, postponed on Monday a controversial anti-subversion bill after losing the support of a key legislative ally.

The climbdown came just days after Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa said he would water down some of the bill's most contentious provisions but vowed to pass the bill this week.

That changed on Sunday when the Liberal Party's leader quit Tung's Executive Council, leaving the government potentially short of the votes it needed in the legislature to pass the bill.

Liberal Chairman James Tien had called for the final votes on the bill on July 9 to be delayed until December to allow for more public consultation.