July 28, 2003

Conservative backlash against Schwarzenegger

The news that Arnold Schwarzenegger won't run for governor follows a report that California conservatives were not willing to support him:

The California governor's race is up for grabs and a bevy of Republicans are throwing in their hats.
But one thing is sure: If he runs, Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t have the support of the conservative Reaganites who dominate the state's Republican party.

"The conservative wing of the party doesn’t want Schwarzenegger," syndicated talk show host and Fox News commentator Mike Reagan told NewsMax Sunday. Reagan is the son of former president Ronald Reagan and a champion of his father's conservatism.


Michael Reagan told NewsMax.com that Schwarzenegger is not a conservative and he and other California conservatives will not support him if he runs in the recall election.

"The only thing Schwarzenegger has ever done politically is put a ballot measure on the California ballot in the last election to raise my taxes," Reagan said.

"He is not a conservative. All he’s got is a name because he’s an actor. If you want to know the difference between my father and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll give you a couple: Maria Shriver/Nancy Reagan is one. There’s a big difference politically between them.