July 04, 2003

Celebrating the Fourth of July

Jacob G. Hornberger reflects on what is celebrated by Americans today:

Today, Americans celebrate the "freedom" to be taken care of and controlled by a powerful paternalistic government ... the "freedom" to subject their lives, economic activities, and fortunes unconditionally to omnipotent government control ... the "freedom" to be made into "good" and "compassionate" people through the coercive welfare apparatus of government.

It is a "freedom" that has created a mindset of socialistic dependency among the people, while destroying the self-reliance and "can-do" spirit that characterized our ancestors. It is a mindset that cannot imagine people actually surviving and prospering without the welfare assistance of government.

It is the "freedom" by which government has once again been placed in the sovereign and supreme position in its relationship to the individual and in which the individual has once again been relegated to a subservient role.

We should also not forget that the “freedom” that Americans today celebrate also includes the federal government’s newly assumed power to seize anyone anywhere in the world, including here at home, and jail or execute him without due process of law.

On July 4, 1776, a small band of radical English colonists expressed an idea of liberty that shook the political foundations of the world. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July, 2003, than to pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to its restoration?