June 29, 2003

Your Shout: Vive la union basher, Sabine

A report on the Telegraph finds substantial local support for Sabine Herold's stance against the powerful public sector trade unions and her criticism of President Chirac's weakness:

Nowhere is this belief that the older generation has been misguidedly generous more marked than in relation to the maximum 35-hour week.

Mlle Herold has bewailed the decline of the work ethic in France, but many people said they wanted to work much harder than they are allowed to do.

Sandrine Watelier, 28, who works in a video shop, regretted the fact that "in France it is not allowed to have two jobs, even for those who would be well able to do them".

If popular support for liberalization continues to grow in France that will be good news not only for the French but for all Europeans.