June 23, 2003

Nadine and Me

Reason's Ronald Bailey explains why he decided to join the ACLU:

"Anyway, when I received another ACLU solicitation last month, I decided to send in my check and sign up. Why now? I still disagree with the ACLU's official positions on the death penalty and freedom of association, so perhaps this column can be regarded as a kind of personal "side letter" similar to those that often accompany treaties in which countries except themselves from provisions they dislike. Nevertheless, the ACLU is oh-so-right on the vital and timely constitutional issues of free speech and protection of people from unreasonable and intrusive government action."

"As it turns out I am far from alone in seeing new value in ACLU membership. The organization is moving out of its leftwing ghetto and is attracting a wider spectrum of members. Look people, we are far from living in a police state, but it is time to roll back the encroachments on our liberties that we have already endured. Many Americans are alarmed at what they regard as an erosion of their civil liberties, so it's not surprising that the ACLU's membership is the highest it's ever been, totaling over 400,000 and growing. The ACLU recognizes, as do most Americans, that there is no tradeoff between liberty and security. That's why I agree with the ACLU's slogan "Keep America Safe AND Free" and that's why I'm a card carrying member of the ACLU today."