June 17, 2003

The Euro Menace: The USE Vs The USA

Andrew Sullivan writes about the Euro menace:

"What can the United States do about this new threat? The sad answer is not much. Attempts to intervene and prevent the new USE from taking shape could backfire. One thing that could unify Europe is a clumsy U.S. intervention to prevent it. But the United States can and should strengthen its military ties to the new Europe, especially Poland and Hungary, and keep an independent relationship with all the Eastern European states. In trade negotiations, the United States could also try harder and harder to unravel European agricultural subsidies. It's this system that keeps some countries dependent on Brussels and could enhance France's leverage over a highly rural country such as Poland. Above all, the United States can let its most reliable European ally, Britain, know that it prizes the relationship, that it does not necessarily believe British adoption of the euro is a good or necessary thing, and that it values Britain's independent military capacity immensely. Keeping Britain both in the USE and outside of it militarily, diplomatically, and monetarily should become a prime U.S. objective in foreign policy. Without it, the United States could lose its most valuable military and diplomatic ally. If you think that's unimportant, imagine the Iraq war--diplomatically and militarily--without the fig leaf of British support."

Frankly, I'm more worried about the potential threat the European Union poses to Europeans.